Working on Box Assemblages

December 2nd, 2015

I found a box of old wooden boxes and I have been using them as the main structure of a series of assemblages. The two boxes in this post are available for sale at Bonanza which use to be called Bonanzle. If you are interested just click the link and it will take you directly to my booth.

The boxes represent a separation of things we can see and things we can’t see that are going on at the same time. These two boxes represent things above water and things below water that are happening at the same time.

I used aluminum for the lily, frog and turtle. I used copper for the lily pad and the lily stems. I used a piece of driftwood in one piece and wire and window screen to create the dragonfly.Boxturtledrgnfly1628 FrogLilyBox1636 copy

T-Shirt Snowman

October 27th, 2015

I used a piece of old t-shirt to create this snowman. I glued craft stuffing to a paper towel core and then I cut a large piece from the t-shirt and glued that onto the core with stuffing. I tucked the bottom under and glued it in place. I then glued the top in place. I added a pipe cleaner at the neck for arms. To cover the pipe cleaner at the neck I glued on a piece of felt to look like a scarf. I used a piece of black felt glued to the top to look like a hat. I added beads, a button and mittens cut out of felt.


Velvet Pumpkin Pin Cushion

October 17th, 2015

This is a velvet pin cushion I made. I started by cutting a paper towel core to about two inches. I then glued some craft stuffing around the core. Next I wrapped and glued the piece of velvet to the stuffing. I then placed six pipe cleaners through the middle of the core so they stuck out at each end of the core and fabric. I then tucked the fabric into each end and bent the pipe cleaners from the bottom up to the top. I then twisted each pipe cleaner to the one next to it until they were all together. Then I twisted the whole group into a stem.


Sock Rabbits

April 24th, 2015

I used my favorite pair of hiking socks to create a pair of rabbits. The socks had holes in the toes so they are no longerĀ  good for wearing. I first cut the socks just before the heel. I then stuffed them with stuffing, but a plastic bag will work just as well. I used the toe as the head on both rabbits. I shaped them so the hip area would be bigger than the head. I used the rest of the socks to cut front legs and back feet.

For the reclining rabbit’s arms and feet I cut two and a half inches long pieces and glued them to the underside of the rabbit. For the standing rabbit the arms are three to four inches long and glued to the side and front of the body.

I also used pieces of sock for the ears. I added sequins and moveable eyes. I used a cut piece of rickrack as a nose. I added a flower at the ear as a finishing touch.

Even though I can no longer wear these socks they are even more enjoyable now as a pair of silly rabbits.


Cheddar Cheese Spiral

March 23rd, 2015

Cheddar cheese spiral

You wrap around a tastebud

Delightful flavor.

Cheesespiral1504 copy